Reverend Rosemarie Moyer
Director, Clairvoyant, Licensed Metaphysical Minister, Registered
Certified Hypno-Therapist, Reiki Master.
Reverend Rosemarie Moyer was born with a veil and is a recognized clairvoyant.  She has been living in the Philadelphia area for most of the past 62 years and was the founder of
"Blooming Rose School of Metaphysics and Healing Arts."  which is no longer in
Rose's Background:

Rose has been working with KA Parapsychology and is a 7th Degree Astaraian.  She excels in her reading and channeling for those seeking help in their spiritual growth, but is especially sensitive to those in crisis.  Her Paranormal gifts include communicating with loved ones who have crossed over and facilitating the clearing of many homes to restore balance, love and peace.  Rose can also help unwanted Spirits  go to the light.

Rose's Expertise:
Because of Rose's many years of experience in designing, directing, and implementing Holistic and Spiritual Expos, as well as lecturing at various schools of Metaphysical and Esoteric Sciences, she is an ideal consultant for others who wish to host any Metaphysical event.

Rose is an excellent healer who blends many unique modalities specific for each individual client.  Her clairvoyant skills assist her in specialized healing.  Along with being a successful IET Practitioner, Rose is also a Manified Healer and a graduate of the Institute of Hope.  She is an active member of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and the Psychic Guild of New York and New Jersey.